At, we prioritize the safety and security of our users. We guarantee this through our consistent adherence to our Policy. This Policy outlines the information we collect from you and how we use, maintain, protect, and disclose that information when you visit and use any services or features provided by us.



As our valued partner, we kindly request that you provide us with your personal and corporate information when you contact us. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Your name, gender, date of birth, identification information, or other relevant numbers or data associated with your status as a partner with any of our business associates.
  • Additional personal information such as your contact number, mailing address, email, and fax numbers.
  • Information required for payment processing, such as the cardholder's name, card number, expiry date, and billing address.
  • Details related to your business, including the name of your organization, business title, and contact information for your colleagues.
  • Travel-related information such as flight details, personal details of companions, seating arrangements, meal choices, contact information for specific destinations, comfort preferences, and any other requirements specific to the traveler's needs.
  • We assure you that any information you provide will be handled with the utmost care and kept secure. Please note that any feedback you provide regarding our services will be used to improve our website and enhance your experience with us.


Our website collects non-personal information from you, including any information you provide us through other mediums. This includes your name, phone number, email address, and billing information. We may also ask for information related to your housing and vehicle rental program details. While you can choose not to provide some or all of this information, certain information is required for you to book and complete a profile or participate in a survey, contest, or transaction through our site. If you make a reservation for someone else on our site, we will need their personal information and preferences. You must obtain their permission before providing us with their information. We may also receive personal and non-personal information about you from our partners and other available sources to add to our records. This information includes your address, purchase history, and location data. Depending on your settings and preferences, we may use information from your social media profiles to provide you with relevant information.


The basic information like the cardholder's name, CC number, and end date for executing your improvement game plans. We can additionally use your information to illuminate you about the arrangements and improvements applied to them so you can sensibly manage your booking without taking extra weight.

Request your reservations Updates or changes in the reservations made. Embrace your record and block any maltreatment or abuse. Give exceptional propositions on birthday merriments, Remembrances, etc. Direct Investigations to refresh associations open on the site. Exhibiting headway to moreover additionally, foster client experience


To satisfy any of the truly insinuated purposes for stowing away of individual/corporate information and different plans and matters which can upgrade the said satisfaction correspondingly as to drive any due enthusiastic activity interfacing with any possible mix/getting/transaction(s) including, we are kept up with to move, give and uncover any of your own/corporate information accumulated indeed implied any individual connected with us, which partake notwithstanding isn't restricted to, our holding partnership, project worker, any organized skilled, or inaccessible master collusion who conveys certifiable, dispersal, progressing and assessment, information making due, media correspondence, selling, piece, PC, or different relationship to us concerning the furthest reaches of its business; our different assistants like land or ocean carriers or air carriers, dedication program associations and other such affiliations lived it up conveying client care or fulfilling client needs; credit reference work environments; credit, truly investigate card affiliations or conceivably banks; non-government or government organized trained professionals, controllers and moreover working circumstances; clinical arranged specialists, security net suppliers and comfort/working conditions. We put our genuine undertakings to keep your gathered individual/corporate information undisclosed and secure.


We use cookies to alter your experience on the site and the warning that may be shown. Cookies are modest quantities of information put away by your program on your contraption's hard drive. Gets grants us to serve you better and, shockingly, more agreeably. Most web programs consequently see Cookies. This information is kept from our joint endeavors to use your own and non-individual information. The site manages this information for a better fuse with our site for the going with time. Each time you access the site, your get-together data gets logged. Meeting data could join various perspectives like IP address, functional design and sort of program composing PC programs being used, and the activities driven by the client while utilizing the site.


We can share this information further with our joint undertakings to make your improvement seriously satisfying and bother-free. All through this site, all associations given by a free supplier have been depicted as required. By holding a spot through this site, you support us in uncovering the standard information for booking and passing related ventures out to our suppliers. We may likewise impart express data to our corporate affiliations or associates who interface with you to offer specific things or associations for certified exploration, surveys, etc.


We use reasonable, legitimate, explicit, and administrative measures to get Individual Information inside our affiliation. No data transmission or breaking point construction will be 100% secure. For our clients, we save reasonable physical, electronic, and legitimate thriving endeavors to guarantee your information against exuberant or unlawful obliteration or any unaccredited revelation or acknowledgment of your information. Your card nuances are blended, and you can commonly sign into your record to kill, change or add express card subtleties.


Our site incorporates express substance, pictures, logos, pictures, and various kinds of gotten headway. We have a copyright on all of them. Assuming you are found returning to our information for any business purposes, you will be dependable to compensate for the mischief that has been finished to our property.


The expense of our affiliations or things is gigantically in danger to advertise tendency. As shown by the market plot and subject closeness, you should pay.

We stay mindful of all capacities to change the Security Strategy out of the blue to suit arranged substantial, business, and client necessities. You could introduce your propensities through email at; we will answer your concerns and demands.