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WestJet is a Canadian airline that has redefined the travel experience since its inception. Known for its commitment to guest satisfaction, WestJet has become a staple in the aviation industry, capturing the hearts of travelers worldwide.

Founded in 1996, WestJet has grown from a regional carrier to a global player, offering a diverse range of destinations and a fleet of modern amenities. Focusing on affordable travel, the airline has made flying a joy for business and leisure passengers.

One of WestJet's standout features is its friendly and attentive staff, ensuring passengers feel welcome from check-in to touchdown. The airline's dedication to customer service extends to its innovative approach, such as introducing the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to enhance long-haul flights.

WestJet's commitment to sustainability sets it apart, with initiatives like the reduction of single-use plastics and investments in fuel-efficient aircraft. The airline's community involvement and charitable efforts showcase its dedication to positively impacting beyond the skies.

Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a first-time flyer, WestJet promises an exceptional journey with a blend of comfort, efficiency, and a touch of Canadian hospitality. Join WestJet in exploring the world, where the adventure begins the moment you step on board.

Types of Cabins

Business Class: Indulge in the epitome of luxury with WestJet's Business Class cabins, where sophistication meets comfort at 30,000 feet. The business class experience redefines air travel by boasting spacious seating and personalized service. Sink into plush, ergonomic seats that convert into fully flat beds, ensuring a restful journey. Pamper your palate with a curated menu of gourmet cuisine complemented by a selection of fine wines and spirits. Stay connected with in-flight entertainment on high-definition screens and experience the convenience of priority check-in and lounge access. WestJet's Business Class elevates your journey, making every mile a seamless and pleasurable experience.

Premium Cabin: Experience a perfect blend of comfort and affordability in WestJet's Premium Economy Class cabins. Designed for travelers seeking an upgraded experience without the premium price tag, these cabins offer spacious seating with extra legroom, ensuring a relaxed journey. Enjoy enhanced dining options featuring a delectable menu and complimentary beverages, creating a delightful culinary experience. Stay entertained with an extensive library of movies, TV shows, and music on individual touchscreens. With priority boarding and dedicated services, WestJet's Premium Economy Class provides a superior travel experience, making it an ideal choice for those wanting luxury without breaking the bank

Economy Cabin: Step into WestJet's Economy Class cabins for a travel experience that seamlessly combines affordability with comfort. With a commitment to providing a pleasant journey for every passenger, WestJet's Economy Class features ergonomic seats designed for relaxation. Enjoy a selection of complimentary snacks and beverages during the flight, ensuring you stay refreshed throughout your travels. Stay entertained with the in-flight entertainment system, offering a variety of movies, TV shows, and music. With friendly and attentive service, WestJet's Economy Class ensures that even in the most budget-friendly option, passengers experience the airline's dedication to delivering an enjoyable flight.

Flight Meal Policy

With a thoughtful and inclusive flight meal policy, WestJet takes its passengers' culinary journey to new heights. Whether you're seated in Economy, Premium Economy, or Business Class, WestJet strives to cater to diverse tastes and dietary preferences. In Economy, passengers are treated to complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic beverages, ensuring a satisfying journey. For those in Premium Economy and Business Class, the experience is elevated with a curated menu of delicious meals, complemented by a range of complimentary beverages, including alcoholic options. The airline is attuned to various dietary needs, offering unique vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, ensuring that every passenger's palate is accommodated. WestJet also understands the importance of staying hydrated; water is readily available for all passengers throughout the flight.

To enhance the dining experience further, the airline often collaborates with renowned chefs to craft menus that reflect regional flavors and culinary expertise. Whether you're embarking on a short domestic flight or a long-haul international journey, WestJet's commitment to providing a satisfying and diverse culinary experience is a testament to its dedication to passenger well-being and comfort in the skies.

Baggage Policy

Checked-In Baggage: When embarking on an international adventure with WestJet, travelers can enjoy a generous checked-in baggage allowance that ensures a stress-free journey. The airline typically allows passengers to check in at least one piece of luggage without additional fees, offering ample space for your travel essentials. While specific weight and dimension limits may vary based on the destination and fare class, WestJet consistently prioritizes the comfort and convenience of its passengers. Whether you're jetting off for a leisurely vacation or a business excursion, the international checked-in baggage policy reflects WestJet's commitment to providing a seamless travel experience, allowing you to bring along everything you need to make your journey memorable and enjoyable.

Carry-On Baggage: Embarking on an international voyage with WestJet comes with the convenience of a well-considered carry-on baggage allowance, ensuring travelers have everything they need within arm's reach. Typically, WestJet permits passengers to bring one standard carry-on bag and one personal item, such as a laptop bag or purse, aboard the flight. The airline prioritizes the comfort and satisfaction of its passengers, reflected in its carry-on policy that strikes a balance between practicality and ease. While specific size and weight restrictions may apply, WestJet's commitment to providing a smooth travel experience extends to the convenience of having essential items readily accessible during international journeys, making the adventure from check-in to touchdown as seamless as possible.

Pet Transport Policy

WestJet understands that pets are cherished family members, and their Pet Transport Policy reflects a commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of furry companions during travel. The airline offers options for both in-cabin and checked pet transport, allowing passengers to choose the most suitable arrangement based on the size and needs of their pets. Small dogs and cats meeting specific criteria can travel in the cabin, providing a comforting experience for both pet and owner.

For larger pets, WestJet's checked pet service ensures they travel in a secure and climate-controlled environment. The airline has established guidelines regarding carriers, health documentation, and check-in procedures, providing a smooth process for pet owners. By incorporating thoughtful measures and clear guidelines, WestJet allows passengers to share their travel adventures with their beloved pets, enhancing the overall travel experience for both human and animal companions.

Customer Support

WestJet's commitment to exceptional customer support is a cornerstone of its reputation in the airline industry. Known for its friendly and efficient service, WestJet ensures that passengers receive the assistance they need at every step of their journey. Whether navigating booking inquiries, managing travel changes, or addressing concerns during the flight, the airline's customer support team is dedicated to providing timely and helpful solutions. The multichannel support system, including phone, email, and online chat, enables passengers to choose the communication method that suits them best.

WestJet's customer support representatives are not just problem solvers but also embody the airline's warm and approachable ethos, making passengers feel valued and heard. With a customer-centric approach, WestJet goes the extra mile to turn every interaction into a positive experience, reinforcing its commitment to passenger satisfaction and building lasting connections with its diverse clientele.

In-flight Amenities

In-Flight Entertainment: WestJet offers a robust selection of movies, TV shows, music, and games on individual seatback screens, ensuring passengers stay entertained throughout the journey.

Comfortable Seating: From Economy to Business Class, WestJet provides ergonomic seating, and in premium classes, passengers can enjoy extra legroom and fully reclining seats for a more comfortable travel experience.

Delicious Dining: Passengers in Premium Economy and Business Class can savor gourmet meals curated by renowned chefs, complemented by various complimentary beverages, including alcoholic options.

Wi-Fi Connectivity: Stay connected at 30,000 feet with WestJet's in-flight Wi-Fi, allowing passengers to browse, check emails, and stay in touch with loved ones during the journey.

Dedicated Lounges: Premium passengers can access exclusive lounges, providing a serene pre-flight environment with refreshments and comfortable seating.

Priority Boarding: Enjoy the convenience of boarding early, minimizing wait times, and ensuring a smooth and efficient boarding process.

Innovative Aircraft: WestJet's modern fleet, including the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, enhances the overall travel experience with quieter engines, better fuel efficiency, and advanced technology.