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All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways, often called ANA, is the most prominent legacy carrier of Japan. ANA is a very popular airline in the world, and when it comes to domestic or international travel in the South Asian peninsula, ANA is the first choice of many. The airline's headquarters is in the beautiful city of Shandon, Minato, Tokyo. ANA operates hundreds of flights daily to more than 453 destinations worldwide using its extensive fleet of more than 90 aircraft provided by Airbus and Boeing. The major airports in the fleet of ANA are the Boeing 717, 757, and Boeing 767, which fly on most international flights. ANA is part of Star Alliance and gives it a codeshare agreement with some of the biggest airlines. ANA is famous for providing excellent service on its flights across all its cabins. Passengers can expect a fantastic travel experience when traveling with ANA.

Types of ANA Cabins

First Class: Passengers traveling in the first-class cabin of ANA enjoy a fantastic entertainment facility. The seats in this cabin can be transformed into a lie-flat bed or can be reclined into a leaning chair that comes with a footrest and attached power outlets with every seat. Every seat has an entertainment screen that can be controlled with a personal tablet. First Class passengers enjoy various facilities even before they board the plane, such as access to the first class lounge, priority boarding, fast security, and personalised assitance by the ANA staff

Business Class: Business class cabins aboard ANA flights offer many features and benefits to passengers. Upon booking a business class ticket, passengers can access the business class lounges, priority boarding, and additional baggage allowance. Like the first class cabins, the business class cabin can also be transformed into a lie-flat bed, but you will not be able to enjoy the privacy curtains like the first class cabin. The seats in the business class cabin come with a giant entertainment screen that is filled with various entertainment options like movies, TV shows, songs, and multiple games. Business class passengers are given an amenity kit that has all the things that passengers might need to relax. The kit includes a blanket, pillow, quilt, toiletries, skincare products, and noise-cancellation headphones.

Economy Class: When traveling in ANA's economy class cabins, passengers can take their seats at check-in time. The seats in this cabin are generously spaced and ensure maximum passenger comfort with good recline, armrest, headrest, and leg space. Economy class passengers are offered complimentary snacks and beverages along with magazines about their destination, which tell them about the attractions of that place. Passengers can enjoy various fare options to save extra money on their trip. There are multiple food options in the economy class cabin that passengers can choose from. ANA also takes care of special dietary restrictions. Passengers can relax in their seats with quilts and pillows that come with the amenity kits on long-haul flights.

ANA Flight Meal Policy

All Nippon Airways puts special emphasis on the onboard dining experience of their passenger. The food is prepared by using locally sourced fresh and delicious ingredients. ANA takes confederation to special dietary requirements and provides exceptional food to those passengers. However, the passengers need to inform the airlines at least 24 hours before their flight. ANA offers multiple food choices to the passengers, such as French, Italian, Indian, or fusion food. But the best items to try on an ANA flight are their unique native Japanese cuisines. Renowned chefs design the meals for flights from across the globe. Passengers can also sip on unique and crafted cocktails, wines, and alcoholic beverages

ANA Baggage Policy

Checked-In Baggage Allowance: The checked-in baggage policy of ANA depends on various factors, including departure airport, destination of travel, plane type, fare chosen, frequent flight status, and more. ANA is quite generous with its checked-in baggage allowance. The passengers traveling in the first class cabin can usually carry 3 bags, each weighing 32 Kg. This is the highest baggage allowance allowed by ANA on any flight, but it can differ based on above mentioned factors. Business class passengers can carry a lower baggage allowance of 2 bags of 32 Kg. Economy class passengers have the lowest baggage allowance, with each passenger getting only 2 bags that should weigh at most 23 kg

Carry-On Baggage Allowance: The passengers in the economy class cabin of an ANA flight are cleared to carry 1 carry-on bag along with a small bag such as a laptop bag or a handbag along with them on their flight. The combined weight of both these bags should be at most 10 Kg. Business class and first class passengers can carry 2 bags and 1 small handbag with a combined weight of 18 Kg.

ANA Pet Transport Policy

ANA is a very understanding and optimal airline for traveling with your pet on a flight. The airlines use the IATA pet transport policy that allows small cats and dogs to be transported inside the aircraft's cabin. Some specific breeds and larger dogs are prohibited from being transported inside the aircraft's cabin under this policy. Still, they can be transpoted inside the temperature-controlled cargo hold of the aircraft. Passengers must ensure that the pet is kept inside a carriage at all times and that the carriage needs to be approved by the TSA. The airlines allow service dogs with visual or hearing aids inside the cabin without additional cost.

ANA Customer Support

With a vast network, All Nippon Airways customer service actively addresses complaints and inquiries from travelers. To handle various customer inquiries and reduce delays, it has divided its customer care services into multiple divisions. This allows for more effective question direction. There is a particular line for cancellations, delays, and baggage issues. Members of the ANA Mileage Club have access to a dedicated customer support number for questions and grievances.

Together with phone services, the website offers a customer care page that has all the information travelers need to handle issues relating to flights, including discounts, cancellations, and what to do in the event of protracted delays, animal transportation, itinerary modifications, or misplaced luggage.

ANA Airlines Inflight Amenities

  • ANA provides a wide selection of movies, TV shows, music, and games on personal seatback screens to keep you entertained throughout your flight.
  • Enjoy a range of delicious meals, including both Japanese and international cuisine, crafted with care and attention to detail.
  • Stay connected with high-speed Wi-Fi on select aircraft, perfect for keeping in touch with loved ones or staying productive.
  • In premium cabins, experience fully flat beds, luxury amenities, and impeccable service for a truly relaxing journey.
  • ANA's spacious seating ensures a comfortable flight for all passengers, with extra legroom options.
  • Premium cabin passengers receive stylish amenity kits filled with travel essentials for added comfort.
  • ANA's warm and attentive cabin crew is dedicated to making your journey enjoyable, providing assistance with a smile.