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Air France

Air France

Air France is France's national airline and flag carrier. The airline's headquarters is at Tremblay-en-France. With passenger and cargo services to more than 160 destinations in more than 75 countries, Air France serves more than 40 million passengers every calendar year, and the number is only growing. Air France is a subsidiary airline of a significant group by the name of Air France-KLM Group, which was also a founding member of the Sky Team Global Airlines Alliance. The airline extends its service from the Charles De Gaulle Airport, serving as the domestic hub and the primary base of operation. The ground floor of Charles De Gaulle Airport also serves as the corporate headquarters for the airline.

Air France uses a mix of Boeing and Airbus aircraft. For short-haul flights, the airline uses the A320 family of aircraft, and for long-haul flights, the carrier uses the Airbus and Boeing wide-body aircraft. Air France has small subsidiary airlines that operate in the European region to serve the short-haul route. The carrier offers multiple services and amenities to its passengers to make them comfortable during their journey, making Air France a preferred choice for passengers.

Types of Air France Cabins

First-Class: The first-class cabins aboard Air Frane are an excellent passenger experience. The cabin is laid in a 4-row configured in a 1 - 2 - 1 configuration. Few services onboard the Air France flight are reserved only for first-class passengers. These unique features include chauffeur services and access to Air France’s first-class lounge. First-class passengers have access to priority check-in, saving them a lot of time at the airport.

Business Class: The business class cabin assures you a fantastic experience during your flight. The cabins are generously spaced and can be used as your restaurant, office, or bedroom in the air. All the seats in the business class cabin can be transferred into a lie-flat bed and give every passenger aisle access. The cabin has a multi-purpose area that can be utilized for personal requirements and privacy. The seats in the business class cabin are thoughtfully designed and offer a contemporary design. To ensure comfort and privacy, every minute detail in the cabin is thoughtfully designed.

Premium Economy Class: Passengers in the premium economy class chains have an enhanced experience compared to economy class. The seats in the premium economy class are more extensive, with a greater recline that comes in a fixed shell. There is extra space for storage in the seats, which also provides additional lumbar support to the passengers. To increase passenger convenience and comfort, the seats come with a broader footrest and armrest. In front of every seat, there is a state-of-the-art entertainment screen equipped with multiple entertainment options such as movies, TV shows, songs, and games to keep the passengers for the duration of their flight.

Economy-Class: Economy class travel with Air France ensures a comfortable and affordable traveling experience for the passengers. The seats have a 44-cm space between the armrests to enhance the passenger's convenience. The legroom in the economy-class cabin of Air France cabins is much bigger than that of its competition in the aviation industry. Passengers can interact with their electronic devices because of the charging points available in every seat in the cabin.

Air France Flight Meals Policy

Air France takes great pride in their dining service across all the flight cabins. The meals on the majority of their aircraft consist of meals, snacks, desserts, and drinks to the passengers. The meal menu can differ from cabin to cabin, but passengers traveling on a short-haul flight enjoy hot and cold snacks during their journey. During long-haul trips, first and business-class passengers enjoy on-demand dining, where their food is prepared live with fresh ingredients. Passengers are also welcomed with new and refreshed drinks.

During long-haul flights, passengers are provided a 3-course meal comprising an entree, a main course, and a dessert served alongside snacks and beverages of their choice. In business and forest class passengers, passengers can choose from multiple options for their food, and they have to select the beverage of their choice as well. Four main meal choices are available, followed by a second hot or cold gourmet meal. Among the drinks on the menu are water, juice, champagne, and France's best wines. Onboard, customers can help themselves to sweet and savory treats from a self-serve gallery area.

Air France Baggage Policy

Checked-In Baggage Allowance: The baggage allowance for Air France flights depends on various factors. The typical baggage allowance in the economy class cabin is 1 bag of 23 Kg. Passengers in the premium economy class cabins can carry 2 bags that weigh 23 Kg each. The business class cabins offer an extended baggage allowance of 2 bags weighing 32 Kg each. Passengers traveling in first-class cabins enjoy the most generous baggage allowance of 3 bags, each weighing 32 kg.

Carry-On Baggage Allowance: Economy Class passengers are allowed 1 bag with dimensions not exceeding 55x35x25 Cm and a small personal item such as a laptop bag or a purse that should not be larger than 40x30x15 cm. The total weight of the bags should be at most 12 Kg. Passengers traveling on a long-haul flight in the business class and first class can carry 2 bags with a combined weight of 18 Kg.

Air France Pet Policy

Following the IATA guidelines related to the transportation of pets. Air France allows small cats and dogs to travel inside the cabin of the aircraft and makes sure that the pets are comfortable during their flight. The airlines also ensure that impaired patients who use service dogs can travel with ease, and for that reason, they allow service animals to travel without any cost on their flights. The pet transport policy, however, prohibits big dogs from being transported inside the aircraft's cabin; they must be transported in the cabin.

Air France has limited slots to be transported in every aircraft. Thus it is advisable to inform the airline at least 48 hours before the flight time. It is also advised to carry all the essential vaccinations of the dog so that there would be no issue at your destination.

Air France Customer Support

Air France puts a lot of emphasis on its passenger comfort. It offers a 24x7 customer support service that can help passengers with nearly any situation they want to be resolved. Customer support can help passengers with name changes, flight changes, flight delays, flight cancellations, seat upgrades, and more. Passengers are advised to contact customer support adequately before their flights to ensure that their issues are solved in time.

The customer support service is open 24/7 in most regions worldwide. However, due to a lack of infrastructure, there can be a specific operation time in some countries, and passengers should know the timeline when booking their flights.

Air France In-Flight Amenities

  • Air France is renowned for its stylish and comfortable cabin interiors. Whether in Economy, Premium Economy, Business, or La Première class, you'll experience chic design and ergonomic seating that enhance inflight comfort.
  • Air France takes inflight dining to a new level with its gourmet meals and exceptional wine selection. Passengers can savor delicious French cuisine created by renowned chefs, accompanied by a wide range of fine wines, providing a genuinely indulgent gastronomic experience.
  • Passengers can enjoy many movies, TV shows, music, and games on their screens. The extensive entertainment library keeps travelers engaged and entertained throughout their journey.
  • Air France offers generous legroom in all classes, ensuring passengers can stretch out and relax during their flight. This added space contributes to a more comfortable travel experience.